Event Details - Lucien & Jimmy the Janitor Full of Beans Tour


  • Start Date: Friday April 28
  • End Date: Friday April 28
  • Start Time: 07:30 PM
  • Location: Carleton North Senior High Bristol, New Brunswick
  • Phone Number:
  • Event Website: Website


Lucien and Jimmy are back with Full of Beans—their explosive new comedy. This totally hysterical Maritime duo chase every man’s dream with embarrassing side effects. They travel to the East Coast wilderness (maybe it’s just a pretty comfortable hunting lodge with Wifi) to explore the fundamental truths of their masculinity and blab about aging in the era of technological wonder, goofy politics on both sides of the 49th Parallel and how to avoid paying carbon tax on their gassy emissions. Warning: This comedy features Nort’ Shore English and Cape Bretoneese, beer and beans are consumed on stage, there’s some partial nudity (topless moose) and an invisible performer thrusts his hips in a suggestive fashion while dancing by himself. Rated PG (Pretty Great)!

Dalhousie April 20
Bathurst April 21 & 22
Moncton April 27
Florenceville / Bristol April 28
Fredericton April 29
Miramichi May 12
St. Stephen May 13